Eight Applications (January-December)

Weed Control, Richmond, VA Soil Testing - January-April

Annual Soil Test obtained, Sent to lab, a copy will be provided along with recommendations and pricing for any corrective measures needed

1st Treatment - Late Winter (Late January-March)

Application of slow release Organic-Based soil conditioner and fertilizer w/needed supplements based on previous soil test results plus spot treat winter weeds as necessary

2nd Treatment - Spring (March-April)

Application of Organic-Based spring fertilizer with pre-emergent for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds and post-emerge broadleaf weed control as necessary

3rd Treatment - Late Spring (April-May)

Application organic based fertilizer with pre-emergent for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, and post-emerge broadleaf weed control as necessary

4th Treatment - Summer (June-August)

Application of Organic-Based nutrient rich timed release fertilizer to build soil structure and add micronutrients and macronutrients for summer color without excess growth (will not burn!)

5th Treatment - Summer (June-August) May be Combined with 4th treatment

Treatment of summer weeds such as nutsedge, kyllinga, violets, ect.-If troublesome hard to kill weeds are prevalent, you will be notified that follow up treatments may be necessary

6th Treatment - Early Fall (August-September)

Application of Organic-Based balanced nutrient rich fertilizer w/micronutrients and micronutrients to aid in repairing summer stress and preparing for fall seeding-Additional phosphorus is applied based on soil test results

7th Treatment - Fall (September-October)

Application of a Custom blended fall fertilizer with several sources of nitrogen to provide a deep green lawn and prepare for the winter ahead plus spot seeding if we aerated and seeded

8th Treatment - Late Fall (November-December)

Application of slow release winterizing fertilizer and post-emerge weed control as needed

**At times, some of the above treatments may be applied in combination with another treatment for maximum effectiveness**
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